6 Steps To Take To Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

Mother Nature has a way of reminding you she is in control when her armies of ants, wasps, or spiders decide to invade your home. With an estimated 11 quintillion bugs spread around the world, more than a million insects could invade each home on earth and still have trillions left over! To keep your home bug free, try these six easy steps.

Clean Deep

It is a good idea to give your home a deep clean twice a year. Clean crumbs out of kitchen cabinets, clean window sills, and door frames, and contact a residential or commercial carpet cleaning Houston TX for a deep clean of your floors.

Dry Everything

When days get hot, pests look for water, and they can often find it in or around your home. Once they find a viable source of water, the active pests build a hive, nest, or home. Keep your home as dry as possible to discourage the bugs.

Remove Food

Wiping all crumbs away and storing open food in sealed containers can deter bugs. Store fresh fruit away to discourage fruit flies, and clean pet food bowls daily to prevent ants from feasting.

Use Vinegar

Ants, bees, and spiders all shy away from vinegar, but ants really dislike the smell. If you use a vinegar solution to mop your floor and wipe out cupboards, the pests won’t visit.

Employ Sugar

It isn’t a secret that roaches and ants love sugar, but most people don’t know you can mix Borax with sugar to get rid of the creepy crawlies. It works like magic!

Remove Gaps

Small holes in your home are like a neon light flashing an invitation to move in. Keep the pests away by filling the holes and caulking the gaps. Use copper mesh, steel wool, or other metal deterrents for best results.

You can keep your home bug free by taking a few preventative steps. Don’t let Mother Nature and her billions of bugs invade your house – fight back.