Signs it Is Time for a New Septic Tank

A properly installed and quality septic tank can help you save money and reduce your environmental impact. It is also the only option for homes that aren’t attached to the municipal sewer system. However, septic tanks are delicate systems and must be pumped around every three years. If you notice your septic tank is no longer working properly, it may cause serious damage to your property and home and create serious health hazards.

To ensure you don’t experience more serious septic tank issues, it is crucial to know the signs septic tank repair Fort Worth is needed. Keep reading to learn what the signs of a problem are.

Standing Water

If water has begun to pool on your property and there is no obvious reason for it, such as heavy rains or irrigation, it may mean you are dealing with a percolating septic tank. The puddles and pools are an indication that the water coming out of the septic tank is not being properly absorbed in the ground. If the problem continues, the repairs needed can become more expensive and extensive.

Something Smells Bad

Everyone knows what sewage smells like. Not only is this an unpleasant smell, but it is also a sign of an issue with the septic tank. If you notice a bad smell around your property or home, it is likely an indication your septic tank cannot hold anything else.

Slower Flow

If the water flow has begun to slow down, it may be caused by an over-full or damaged septic tank. Remember, all the drains in the household connect to the tank and if there is an issue with it, all the drains are going to be affected.

When septic systems have issues, seeking repairs right away is essential. This is going to reduce further issues and help keep costs for repairs down.