Home Modifications for Mobility Issues

Navigating their own homes can be a challenge for people with mobility issues due to aging, disability, medical conditions or injury. Home modifications can be the difference between being confined to a portion of their homes or having to give them up altogether. Fortunately, a variety of technologies are available to assist people with safely navigating their homes.

Residential Trams

Residential trams can be a solution for people who are having difficulty climbing outdoor stairs or hills on their property.  These tram systems feature tracks with an enclosed car that can make multiple stops.  They are also equipped with multiple safety features, such as brakes and emergency stop buttons. If residential tram cost is a concern, some companies offer do-it-yourself kits that can save on labor and assistance may be available in the form of low-interest loans, home improvement grants or from charitable programs.


Stairlifts can be used to address the challenge of climbing indoor stairs. These devices consist of a track system and a chair with a motorized gear or wheels attached. Stairlifts are equipped with safety features, such as seatbelts and obstruction detection to help prevent falls and other injuries. The seats can usually be customized to accommodate comfort and mobility needs.


Ramps are another common solution for people who use wheelchairs or have difficulties climbing stairs. Ramps are available in freestanding, portable and threshold varieties. Freestanding ramps are the sturdiest and last the longest, but also cost the most. Portable ramps are lighter weight and can be used for a variety of applications, such as loading wheelchairs into and out of vehicles. Threshold ramps are generally the smallest and cheapest and are used primarily for navigating areas with small changes in height, like doorways with small steps up or rooms with uneven levels.

Mobility issues can present challenges for people who want to remain in homes with multiple levels or difficult terrain. These three types of modifications can be used to make remaining in these types of homes a possibility.