Tips for Improving Your Resale Value

A crucial step in moving is selling your old home. This can often seem daunting for owners of older homes that have some wear. Some touching up here and there, however, does wonders for improving the appeal of your house on the market when you’re considering resale. Here are a few projects to consider for this.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a common term you might hear from realtors to the point that it seems more like a buzzword. The concept behind it makes sense, though. Simply put, curb appeal is the general impression and attractiveness of a home as perceived by someone driving by or standing on the sidewalk. Some aspects of curb appeal are fairly universal: a new paint job, replacement shingles or fresh driveway paving Fleetwood PA, for example. Others depend on what grabs attention in the local market; certain colors might be more popular or buyers might seek a particular landscaping feature.

Kitchen Remodeling

The exterior grabs buyers’ attention first, but the interior is where a decision is made.¬†The kitchen is a focal point of a home’s interior, so it factors heavily in this decision, as well as in reselling. That said, be smart about what and how you remodel; don’t replace the cabinets and expect to recoup such a big investment. Also, avoid creating a style that’s too niche or doesn’t match the rest of the house. Talk with real estate professionals to learn more about what appeals to buyers.

Energy-Efficient Options

Many homeowners think a lot about energy efficiency these days, whether it’s about the environment or the power bill. An energy-efficient home has strong market appeal, especially for younger buyers, and improving your home on this front can be inexpensive. Installing new windows and doors that have better insulation can go a long way, with high returns on investment reported for most homeowners.