Preventing Mold in Your Business

Mold infestations are worrisome for business owners. After all, few people want to learn that fungus has become a problem in the workplace. Moreover, the situation is expensive to fix and a turn-off for customers and employees. To avoid such a hazardous and unwelcome condition, it’s essential to be proactive. The following are four ways to reduce the chance of mold growth.

1. Keep Humidity Low and Air Cool

While it’s tempting to turn off the air when you’re not using the office, this could lead to additional moisture development and hot air. Both of these trigger spore reproduction. To keep fungal microbes at bay, run the air conditioner regularly, keeping things cold. Hire Chicago HVAC contractors to inspect the building twice a year, clean out the system, and repair things if needed.

2. Prevent Leaks and Plumbing Problems

Spores activate when they combine with water and organic matter; thus, leaks are catalysts for infestation. Even small drips, over time, saturate materials. This event is seemingly minor but actually could lead to big trouble. Organisms multiple within a day or two; therefore, contain the dampness as soon as possible. Inspect sinks and appliances regularly. If any signs of rust or corrosion appear, call a plumber immediately.

3. Clean Up Spills Correctly

When something puddles up on the floor, don’t leave it to sit idly. Have employees report the problem to the proper authorities. A cleaning crew should attend to it promptly. Be sure that it’s dried up. If anything penetrated, have the area checked for damage. Moisture exposure to porous materials should be treated with more than a dry cloth. Dry the area out with a dehumidifier. If still concerned, tear out the material and replace it.

There are ways to minimize your business’s mold exposure. First, be aware that water is a major player in contamination. To reduce trouble, maintain a dry environment, clean spills quickly and monitor plumbing.