Ongoing Maintenance of a Commercial Property

Owning a commercial real estate property is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and build long-term wealth. After purchasing property, be sure to add these maintenance tasks to your list so that your property stays in tip-top shape and you make a great return on your investment by hosting tenants well.

Grounds Management

When you invest in a commercial property, you also invest in its surroundings, including the landscape and parking lot. Lawn care is a key piece to maintaining the outside “look” of your commercial property; well-maintained landscapes are sure to bring in more customers, helping your tenants to thrive and grow their businesses.

Parking lots also require upkeep and maintenance. Potholes need attention to provide a good experience for you tenants and their customers. In addition, parking spots and other parking identification will need to be maintained so that the exterior of your property looks great

Snow Removal

Snow removal from sidewalks and parking lots is also something to remember if you live in a climate where snow is a regular occurrence. Clear, de-iced parking lots and sidewalks are vital to the ongoing function of your commercial property and can save you lots of liability issues in the future.

Fire Inspections

After the installation of fire sprinklers California on your commercial property, you will need to make sure to add a yearly sprinkler system inspection to your list of ongoing maintenance tasks. Fire safety inspections guarantee that all of the sprinkler valves in your fire protection system are working properly and that your building is prepared for the unexpected catastrophe of fire.

Pest Control

Stay on top of spiders, ants, termites, and all things bug-related by employing a pest control service right away. Pest control professionals can contract with you to cover a wide variety of services, from prevention to removal, and are a key component to keeping your commercial property in great shape for your tenants.

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance on a commercial property entails a host of things. HVAC system cleaning, electrical inspections, and building repairs are all things that should be added to your overall maintenance list. It’s important to keep in mind that having a beautiful, well-functioning building will keep your tenants happy and be attractive to their customers, which keeps the tenants in business and paying you rent.

Sometimes the maintenance to-do list on a commercial property can feel overwhelming. Long term, though, it is good to stay on top of these items so that you can keep your building in use and generating income.