Common Water Heater Issues

Any home water heater will require ongoing maintenance in order to operate effectively. Your hot water heater needs to be serviced by professionals regularly and they need to receive ongoing maintenance and inspection to stay operating efficiently. Here are some common hot water heater issues you can recognize that will help you know when you need repairs:

Leaky Tanks

If you have noticed a leak around your hot water heater it’s very important that you can manage it as soon as possible. Even a small leak could quickly turn into a disaster for your home so it is important to contact a plumber immediately after you notice water around your hot water tank.

Excess Noise

Most water heaters are designed to operate very quietly and if you start to hear strange noises coming from the hot water heater, this can mean that there is an extreme amount of sediment in the system. A professional plumber is required to remove the sediment from the system.


Odors throughout your water can be a red flag that there are bacteria in your hot water heater. Ongoing odors and bacteria can actually be considered a health hazard. Your hot water heater tank may need to be professionally flushed with hydrogen peroxide before it is safe to use again.

Problems With Hot Water

If you notice that you aren’t able to receive consistent hot water, there could be a problem with the control valve or the thermocouple that is failing in your device. A professional diagnosis or an upgrade of your hot water heater may be required.

Contact us today if you are noticing some early issues with your hot water heater. We can provide immediate repairs and help your system get up and running with efficiency.

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