Clever Tips to Prevent Kitchen Sink Drain Clogging

One of the clever and best ways to prevent issues with clogged sinks is to develop a habit of cleaning, and avoid cooking oil or grease, food left-overs, and hair staying in the drain. This may cause a problem with your pipes and drains in the future. Include these clever tips below for your cleaning and house maintenance:

Use boiling water

Pouring boiling water is the best and common method to prevent clogging. It will melt the grease and oil that might clog your sink and the build-up on the interior surface.  You can do it once a week and you will notice that clogging rarely happens.

Empty the drain stopper regularly

Emptying the drain stopper seems easy to do but most of the time it is also one of the common tasks that homeowners forget. It is best to make this a habit and avoid the build-up of soap, hair, left-overs, and grease.

Use a drain screen

A drain screen is your best friend to prevent clogging. This is an affordable tool that will save you from spending money on future pipe leaks and damage. Do not hesitate to buy and use a drain screen for your sinks.

It is handy and will do the job without your effort. When it gets full with left-overs, hair, soap, and other objects that might clog your sink, you just need to pull it up and clean it.

Avoid pouring the grease in the sink

Be very careful not to pour the grease and oil on your sink because it will give you a hard time in the future when it clogs your sink. It is tempting to just pour it while washing the dishes, especially when you are in a hurry or you do not have a designated container for cooking oil left-overs and the oil from your kitchen wares and cooking equipment.

You can transfer the oil or grease to a dedicated container every after cooking. You can use a recyclable jar or bottle, sealed bag or container then dispose of it properly.

Use baking soda

Baking soda can do a lot of wonders not only with baking and cooking but also with cleaning and clogging prevention. In fact, you may read or hear a lot of hacks that it can help you do for your home.

It is an excellent cleaning agent that also absorbs foul odors. You just need to throw a handful of baking soda and chase it down with hot water.

Pour a vinegar after washing the dishes

Vinegar is usually being used as the main ingredient for some delicious dishes around the world. But it also serves as a terrific cleaning agent like baking soda. It has acetic acid that acts as an amazing tool to remove the organic build-up of crud pipes.

You just need to pour a cup of vinegar into the sink, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and follow it with hot water. If you regularly do this or at least once a week, you will prevent future clogging that will surely cost you a lot.

Finally, kitchen sink clogging is a very common problem in every home. Some may take it for granted and do not pay attention to it until the damage occurs. These clever tips seem simple and easy but without discipline and action, these could not help you to prevent sink clogging issues.

You do not have to be a professional to do them and you can start applying these tips as soon as possible without professional help. However, if the circumstances require, do not hesitate to call the nearest professional plumber in your area to assess the issue and help you fix it.