Believing These facts About Quartz Countertops

The kitchen countertop happens to be a very challenging space that requires a durable and highly resistant material. That is the reason the most selected product for kitchen countertops use to be granite, of attractive aesthetics and great hardness. Here are keys to choose the granite countertop that best suits your needs:

  1. Why choose granite for your countertop?

The granite, consists of a mixture of quartz, feldspar and mica, is the most common rock of the planet. Originating from terrestrial magma, granite is produced through a slow solidification process and at very high pressure.

The granite stands out for its high degree of hardness and resistance to erosion. Its great beauty is due to its veins of different tones, grains and colors that adapt to any type of surface, from the traditional kitchen counter to innovative ventilated facades.

This natural stone by Granite Selection is very popular as Stone Countertops thanks to its durability and aesthetic qualities. It is also often used in the form of a tile for interiors and exteriors as well as paving stone or curb for traffic areas such as sidewalks or access to homes.

  1. Granite countertop: beauty and resistance

The granite is a natural stone with better aesthetics of the market. Its high resistance coupled with the fact that, when polished, it achieves a smooth and unalterable finish over the years.

  1. A 100% natural material easy to clean and care for

If you need a material that is easy to clean and care for your countertop, granite is the right choice. Placing a hot pot or plate from the oven to the counter will not leave a trace on the granite countertop in front of other non-natural materials. To this is added that no chemical product is needed for cleaning, just a damp cloth and mild soap. Granite requires little maintenance.

What should you take into account when choosing granite?

Whenever you are going to choose a granite for your kitchen countertop, keep in mind what decorative style and what colors you are going to use on the walls. Visiting a Granite Selection site you can see the granite slabs that the professional will later turn into your kitchen countertop. To choose the best option, you have to take into account the color, the grain and the balance of tones in the granite.