Backyard Beauty: 3 Ways to Add Wow Now

Your beautiful home deserves an equally impressive backyard. How can you achieve a look that will make you proud every time you step out your back door?

Table of Contents

Yard Art

Yard art has come a long way since your grandparents displayed garden gnomes. Metal wind spinners can be staked or hung, and they add interest with movement and color. Marble-look resin angels evoke the Renaissance, perfect in a formal garden.

To make a grander statement, invest in larger works of art.  A custom piece of contemporary architectural design California is sure to impress. Combine form and function with a unique gate, then complete the look with a bespoke fireball.


What one feature can add beauty, luxury and fun? A swimming pool, of course! The size and layout of your yard dictate some aspects, such as your pool’s length and shape; your budget and design aesthetic determine building material and finishes.

The wow factor lies in the details. Waterfalls or rain curtains provide the soothing sound of running water. If you like to cool off in the water but would rather read a book than swim, include a tanning ledge on one end. Or transform your yard into a party oasis with a swim-up bar.


Expand your living space with a deck. Design options are endless, so choose a style that expresses your personality. Chic, contemporary designs use a combination of metal, glass and wood in clean lines. Add interest by contrasting curves with geometric patterns. For a warm country feel, use rustic repurposed wood in large, chunky planks and side rails.

Again, the details make the difference. You will use the deck more if it is shaded in the summer but sunny in the winter, so install retractable awnings. Planters and seating should be built into the design; storage benches are practical because you can protect cushions from the elements. Add lights along rails and stairs for safety and to highlight the architectural features. Lastly, no deck is complete without an outdoor kitchen.