4 Types of Coverage Your Home Needs

Your home is your shelter; it protects you from the outside world. However, your home needs protection, too. There’s little you can do to prevent some types of threats, but you can take steps to recover from disaster. The best measure you can take is to find quality home insurance Poulsbo WA. Though homeowners policies vary based on your location and needs, insurance providers generally offer four types of coverage.

1. Loss of Personal Property

The contents of your home are covered even though they are not essential components of the structure. Personal property refers to furnishings, clothing, home decor, exercise equipment, outdoor fixtures and landscaping. If any of these items are stolen or destroyed in a fire, the insurance company will replace them. For this reason, insurance providers want you to maintain a thorough home inventory. With an accurate inventory, you can recover losses completely.

2. Damage Caused by Natural Disasters

Fire, lightning, flood and hail commonly cause significant damage. Natural disasters can even leave a residence uninhabitable. The insurance provider covers the cost of repairing and rebuilding the structure. Sheds and other outbuildings are also covered as they are considered part of the property.

3. Temporary Living Arrangements

When structural damage leaves a home unfit for living, the residents have to find alternate housing until repairs are complete. Insurance companies can cover expenses such as hotel fees and restaurant dining.

4. Liability

If someone is hurt while on your property, your insurance company covers the cost of legal fees and medical expenses. Damage to other people’s property caused by you, your family or pet is also covered by insurance.

With so many potential threats, you need a quality homeowners insurance policy. Whether your home is a sleek urban townhouse or a quaint country cottage, you want to know you can handle the unexpected. You can’t prevent some disasters, but you can prepare for recovery.